The Process

Thelma West creates unique handcrafted treasures from the best available materials with the utmost precision, dedication and passion.
The process begins with a consultation with the client during which the initial ideas are discussed. Once the design is conceived a drawing is made and sent to the client for approval.

Each gem is unique; therefore careful selection is necessary to create the perfect union between design, material & client.

Relying on a small group of passionate and experienced master craftspeople (some with over 30 years of experience), Thelma West jewellery showcases the excellence of fine jewellery artisanship still residing in London.
In the workshop every step is executed by hand, precious metals and gems are put together employing techniques that range from as far back as centuries old to modern craft methods.

When the piece is completed a bespoke handmade leather covered box is crafted around the item and stamped with our 18k yellow gold signature. We then transport the piece anywhere in the world.

We pay attention to every little detail so that your treasures last for generations.

Thelma West

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Lagos: T: +234 706 091 9133

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